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Disruptive business events, such as integrating digital into legacy systems, change in most applications, personalization and integration of channels, remediation of existing apps, archiving of legacy apps, platform migrations, etc. are changing the technology landscape of enterprises. Testing has become a mainstream activity in this new business scenario.

Sahoo Global understands the significance of reliability, high resilience, and predictability of applications and products for enterprises, and their need for a business assurance partner.

The amount of duplication and inefficiency in Quality Assurance magnifies significantly if testing is considered as an end-of-life activity, due to the size and complexity of transformation programs. Enterprises that are still considering testing as an end-of-life activity run a significantly higher risk of systems failure, time and cost inefficiencies, and higher maintenance costs. They are more prone to customer dissatisfaction and lower customer retention.

Sahoo Global’s Testing Services deliver high quality and efficient testing through proven strategies of business process-centric testing streams, a common testing phase across applications services tracks, continuous integration and validation of production ready scrum outputs across DevOps and agile programs, and business outcome analytics.

We continuously improve testing efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging our domain, frameworks, tools, and methodologies, thereby reducing time and effort spent on testing and achieving the desired business outcomes.

Our testing services include:

Core Testing Services:

  • Functional Testing to verify each function of the software application in conformance with the requirement specification
  • Integration Testing to ensure that assemblages (or groups of units) are exercised through their interfaces using stubs and drivers, and success and error cases are simulated via appropriate parameters and data inputs
  • System Testing services that leverage the capabilities of industry-standard testing tools, in-house frameworks, best practices, and value-based delivery models.
  • Regression Testing that helps to unearth functional defects introduced after a change in code, by executing an optimized and prioritized regression test suite
  • Business Testing for key verticals with enhanced test coverage and reduced overall testing cycle time.

Advanced Testing Services:

  • Mobile Testing addresses functional and non-functional aspects of applications with the use of virtualized and on-premise mobile devices. This type of testing has grown in importance, given that mobile applications run on a staggering range of mobile devices, operating systems, network carriers, locales, screen sizes, and aspect ratios (unlike PC and Web applications).
  • Cloud Testing evaluates the functionality, performance, and security of cloud-based applications, services, and infrastructure. We test all the layers— network connection, server performance, database, and software applications.
  • Non-functional Testing is based on your business performance requirements with test scenarios defined by you. It includes
  • Performance Testing that ensures that applications perform well under expected workloads. We analyze, validate, and verify performance; we also measure other quality attributes of systems, such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage.
  • Security Testing comprises risk analysis, threat modelling, security test design, security test execution, and reporting, to ensure tight coupling of security measures.
  • User Experience Testing ensures that all channels of interaction with clients are accessible, effective, efficient, and secure.
  • Web Services Testing covers UI-less (provider level) testing after breaking down complex components into more manageable components. Top-down and bottom-up testing methods are applied along with industry-standard testing tools, to improve productivity and reduce costs.
  • Product Testing includes end-to-end product lifecycle testing, test consulting, and analytics-driven product assurance management.
  • Platform Migration Testing covers the entire range of data center migration testing, database migration testing, technology migration testing, and standards migration testing.

Automated Testing:

Agility and progressive deployment have become necessary for enterprises in a fast pace market. Extended test cycles, unstable test environments, brittle test frameworks and manual processes are deterrents in optimizing quality and productivity in testing. Automated testing has become a critical and strategic initiative to drive high quality and efficiencies.

Automated testing is the best way to enhance delivery confidence, predict time-to-market, and lower cost of ownership for your customers.

We consult customers in defining automated testing goals and roadmap to continuously improve testing efficiency and effectiveness, to introduce maximum automation in every stage of testing to increase the business-critical testing coverage, and to reduce manual and repetitive work effort at every stage of SDLC.

Testing Center of Excellence (CoE):

In a dynamic scenario with heavy adoption of cutting-edge technologies, organizations today wish to embrace a “center of excellence” model with the charter to accelerate innovation deployment and ensure high quality testing. This is a radical departure from a “one-off” project-based approach. Many enterprises are forming strategic partnerships with an external testing services provider to address this change.

Sahoo Global enables you to strengthen your testing CoE by contributing to defining your test strategy, addressing the scope of non-functional testing and operational acceptance testing, improving user acceptance testing, increasing the use of automation, improving application coverage, reducing defects in production, and enhancing the customer experience and quality.
Services include

  • Testing Consulting Services for assessment and audit, autonomics, and innovation, as well as analytics-driven program management and business assurance
  • Testing CoE Roadmap Enablement to strengthen your testing practice, and building and managing your own testing CoE
  • Managed Testing Service (MTS), which includes end-to-end fully tailored testing services at an enterprise or program level

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