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Emerging technologies and changing business models are driving a shift in the role of IT – from leveraging technology in support of the business, to the higher, more strategic goal of protecting and enhancing business value. Today, it is critical that you have strong IT processes and practises to ensure the alignment of IT and business strategy and to drive excellence through the IT infrastructure and the operations it supports.

Investing in effective IT consulting helps make sure that you are able to meet these challenges head on. IT demands may change as technology develops but the end goal is the same: forming IT policy to meet business objectives.

Sahoo Global’s IT consulting practise helps CIOs and IT leaders design and implement advanced solutions in IT governance, security, data management, applications and compliance. Sahoo Global works to address IT security and privacy issues and deploy advanced and customised application and data management structures that not only solve problems, but add value to organizations. Technology will drive your future, with Sahoo Global you can be confident it takes you where you want to go.

GRC Technology Advisory Solutions

Sahoo Global provides consultation and implementation of SAP GRC Technology Solutions which are as below-


  • Plan the integration of the management of risks and controls across the enterprise.
  • Identify risk and quantify exposure across the enterprise to improve transparency.
  • Analyze risks better and faster due to the improved decision-making process and the increased effectiveness and efficiency of the risk model.
  • Respond quickly with risk implementation and mitigation activities to prevent risks from having negative impact.
  • Monitor the impact of risk against performance in an accessible and visible way to provide an effective reporting work flow.

SAP GRC Process Control enables an organization to automate its internal control model and compliance monitoring, reducing the efforts taken by the organization and increasing the security in the operations for the directive committee.

  • Control repository centralization: creates a repository that centralizes all the documentation processes and management of the internal control model, allowing early detection of configuration and master data changes.
  • Integration: increases integration and coordination among business, IT and compliance, allowing the embedding of internal controls into the business processes.
  • Automation: ensures the compliance of the internal control model and real-time control exception reporting, which increases the confidence in the effectiveness of controls by eliminating the “human error” factor and improves the efficiency of the internal control model.
  • Periodic and continuous monitoring: manages real-time notification of potential control failures based on established business rules, identifies production change anomalies that may indicate fraud through alerts, improves test effectiveness through configured controls with 100% coverage and increases operational efficiency through standardization and policy management.
  • Cross-system visibility: enables a unified repository of compliance information for efficient multi-initiative management and enhanced visibility to process-related risk exposure and controls testing throughout the enterprise.

SAP GRC Access Control is a suite of solutions that allow the automation of the access control model of the organization, through a dual system that initially allows the organization to detect and clean the segregation of duties (SoD) violations and then keep it clean in the future by an automated process.


  • Role centralization: centralized and consolidated role design and definition that is business centered and compliance enabled.
  • Access monitoring and control: automated emergency access management with integrated monitoring and reporting. Access anomalies indicating possible fraudulent activities are identified through alerts and access request scenarios; they can then be stimulated across business processes and applications.
  • Automation: automated work flows that facilitate the access management end-to-end process, such as self-service user access request and related approval processes.
  • Compliance: compliant continuous control of access (including authorization), helping to enable the segregation of duties (SoD) management across the enterprise.
  • Protection: proactively helping to protect information and preventing fraud through automated access risk analysis and remediation.

GRC technology creates value, reduces costs and improves your risk performance, and it enables your organization to automate, standardize, streamline processes, create holistic views of risk and compliance, and analyze real-time business intelligence.

ERP Solutions

Gartner estimates that 55 to 75 percent of all enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects fail to meet their objectives. Organisations that are selecting, implementing or managing ERP solutions face a significant challenge in identifying, measuring and managing the unique risks they face. ERP implementations often go awry when the different people, process and technology risks are not given adequate consideration.
These risks, when not managed properly, translate to missed opportunities to transform and improve business processes and operations. When ERP risks are managed right, companies can boost revenue and reduce costs, resulting in a healthy ROI and an overall stronger organisation. Therefore it is critical that organisations select ERP solutions that are right for them.
Sahoo Global’s ERP solutions help companies manage ERP risks during system selection and implementation, as well as improve, simplify and automate security and controls around the ERP landscape. Sahoo Global’s ERP experts blend technology, business process, audit, and risk management skills to deliver efficient solutions across functional areas and ERP platforms. Our team of experienced and independent consultants are trained in mature technologies such as Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft, as well as new and emerging technologies like SAP HANA, NetSuite, and Workday.

Software Services

Sahoo Global provide complete design and development offerings for projects requiring an alternative approach to off-the-shelf or out-of-the-box software. Our comprehensive approach provides continuous services and the ability to scale easily – saving time, money and lowering your risk compared to staffing alone. Using proven methodologies and best practices, we deliver end-to-end solutions from initial strategy and design to development, testing and deployment, all while being expertly managed throughout the engagement. We use a strategic, risk-based approach to software development, focusing on problem solving and operational excellence.

Our Approach

  • Partner with our clients to increase productivity and improve software quality and team effectiveness.
  • Maximise business value by achieving alignment with business demands, ensuring quality and focusing on ROI.
  • Provide agile development by delivering timely, effective solutions based on your organisations’ goals.

Tools and Technologies

Adobe Creative Suite HTML 5 JSON
Angular2 Java/JSP Microsoft TFS
ASP.NET/C# JavaScript Microsoft SharePoint
Balsamiq Mockups Jenkins MVC Architecture
Bootstrap JIRA / Confluence Salesforce / APEX
CSS 3 jQuery Web API Services


Behavior Driven Design Agile / Scrum Management MoSCoW Prioritisation
Test Driven Development Value Focused Delivery

Technology, Strategy and IT Operations

No function in an organisation faces more change than IT. The demands for technology to drive better performance, enhanced customer experience, great security, regulatory requirements and improved efficiency are ever increasing. IT operations face the additional task of having to adapt to changing technology standards while trying to meet business objectives. The success of the IT function is truly central the success of an organisation.

Sahoo Global helps IT leaders meet the demands of today and anticipate and prepare for the demands of tomorrow. Our technology, strategy and IT operations team works closely with organisations to help achieve their goals. We believe these are exciting times for leaders able to see the opportunities created when people, process and technology converge. We help you see these opportunities so that you can face your future with confidence.

Our Services-

  • IT Governance and Risk Management
  • IT Operations Improvement
  • IT Programme management
  • IT Strategy and & Architecture

Enterprise Content Management

Effective Enterprise Content Management is essential for organisations looking to manage their information lifecycle from inception to disposal and everything in between. By combining the capture, search and networking of documents with digital document management and workflow, organisations can utilise ECM to improve efficiency while reducing costs.

Sahoo Global’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) practise helps clients maximise their technology investments by delivering solutions that provide real value to the business. Clients benefit from a cross-functional team with a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen.

Our primary ECM Solutions include-

  • Microsoft SharePoint,
  • Office 365,
  • Sitecore,
  • Kentico,
  • .NET,
  • com,
  • SQL Server suite
  • Azure


CyberSecurity has continued its rise to the forefront as a serious issue and top business priority. With more connected devices comes more data that has the potential to provide amazing insights for businesses. However, this voluminous data also presents new challenges around CyberSecurity. Most organizations have regulatory and legal obligations to implement security in a timely manner. The fear of non-compliance, compromised systems, and data loss are common concerns in today’s global environment. Cyber-attacks can originate from within an organization or from the far side of the globe over the Internet.
In today’s global marketplace, organizations cannot afford to damage their reputation on account of CyberSecurity incidents. Enterprises can suffer major financial losses if a CyberSecurity incident is reported in a business. The fear of revenue loss is the prime reason that organizations have begun taking proactive measures against vulnerabilities in their infrastructure.
CyberSecurity practice, at Sahoo Global, engages with customers in developing strategies and solutions to counter these threats and bridge the IT risk gap. We create solutions that strengthen the IT security landscape of organizations and enable them to meet their compliance and regulatory requirements.

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